Monday, August 20, 2012

my running bag

Like most people I have a few addictions and one of those are bags. I love bags and the more pockets a bag has the better the chance is that I will buy it. I have four bags I use on a regular basis and I will list them here for you (any excuse to make a list, right!) 

[1] my backpack 
I use this for the lake, river, beach and overnight trips

[2] my swim bag 
this is a small tote that has a waxy lining on the outside. This works well for my wet swimsuit and towel because the water doesn't leak through

[3] my gym bag 
I take this bag to the gym when I'm planning on doing more than one class or cardio and swimming. I also use this bag for trips

[4] my running bag 
I take this bag to all of my races and to my long runs and trail runs.

I'm writing about my running bag because I keep it stocked with anythings I might need before, after or during a run. Most of the things in this bag I found out I needed after I needed it and didn't have it. I'm hoping this little blog will will help someone stock their own bag before an item is needed and not after. Like me.

Here is my bag
It's just a small duffle with three pockets.
[1] a big main compartment pocket
[2] a smaller pocket between he big pocket and the front
[3] a small mesh pocket on the front of the bag

What I keep in the biggest, main pocket:
- an assortment of hydration packs and fanny packs
- a towel
- hand wipes, mine are "natural" and eco friendly
- an arm band for my phone
- a hat
- a first aid bag

In the first aid bag:
- muscle relief gel
- pain revilers (I pack Tylenol & Advil)
- tissue
- band aids
-vitamin E gel capsules (for blisters)
- ace bandages and/or knee brace
- athletic tape
- feminine products
- chap stick
- cream/lotion

Middle pocket:
- road I.D. anklet
- reflective vest
- snacks
- hair ties
- race belts
- more tissue
- a handkerchief (a good friend gave this to me for 
Christmas one year and I carry it with me during cold weather runs and races)
- headband/ear warmer
- gloves

Front pocket:
- inhaler
- baggy of safety pins
- ipod
- more hair ties
- parking passes for the bike trail and state parks
- clip on light (I run before dawn a lot)
- pens
- gu gel pack
- life savers (my quick sugar of choice)
- a luggage tag w/ my business card 

There you go, that's what I keep in my running bag. 

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