Monday, March 26, 2012

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

I'v gotten pretty good at my new toy.
 I's a wobble board.

I had a great weekend but it was much busier than my norm. I started the weekend at the gym in my bodypump class. I was playing with the idea of going to the gym early and attempting the turbo kick class my favorite bodypump instructor teaches before pump but I woke up too late to make it on time. Maybe next week. Pump was awesome, as always. I was careful to down grade my weights a little this week, especially during the lower body sets because I had a half marathon the next day. I don't need to make those 13 miles any harder than they already are. After class I went to for a 20 minute swim. Adding swimming to my workouts has been great and I'm faster than I though I would be. Twice last week I swam for 20 minutes and I ended up swimming 700 yards both nights. The one night Jeremy and I swam together (our aqua-date) we swam for 30 minutes and 850 yards. I'm very impressed with myself.

After the gym the kids and I had a little bit of time to hang out around the house before we left for our day of running around. The kids went back and forth between playing video games and practicing their martial arts with their new bow staffs. (really big sticks) 


Our first stop was the store to pick up some birthday gifts. We had a very cool party to go to for my niece who just turned 8 and my nephew who just turned 2. While looking around for the kids we saw a rack of swim suits... I had to investigate... 

[back story] 
I have gained too much weight to wear the suit I bought last summer (it's very depressing) so I've been wearing the suit I had the summer before that to the gym. However, I have gained the weight back in different places and now that suit isn't fitting the way it used too. It's baggy in the butt and chest but my belly hangs out-not okay (it's a tankini). I decided I needed to suck it up and buy a one piece for swimming laps. I really didn't want to spend a small fortune on a BIGGER suit.

So to get back to my story, I found a one piece nike swim suit on sale for $20 (the retail price was $94). I was so excited about the price, I didn't even care about the size of the stupid thing. That is until now... Before I started writing this I hadn't given the size thing much thought... oh well...


Once we got out of the store we were on our way to the birthday party. My niece stated taking Taekwondo and that's where the party was. They had students and instructors running the kids through drills and games. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Sami still has a broken foot so she couldn't participate and Nevyn felt that he already gets all the martial arts practice he needs in the classes he goes to every week so he chose to sit out too.


Next we went to the roof rack shop and got a rack and SUP taxi installed on my car. I was super excited about this. Now I'm ready to get my SUP and I can take to the lake any time I want. While they did the install the kids and I walked up to Arden Fair. We spent some time in Barns & Noble, the Lego store and the Disney store. My kids like window shopping as much as I do and they're really good about not begging me to buy them stuff.

Our next and final stop was to pick up my race packet. Originally, I thought I was going to have to drive out to Folsom to get it but I had a friend who was already there picking up her packet so she got mine too. I drove out to her house in the land park area and got to chat with her and her family. Her son had covered his legs with band aids and  made sure I saw all of his trains and her daughter amazed me with her fancy name writing skills. We talked a little bit about the camping trip our families are going to be taking together in June and they said I should bring my paddleboard. I'm glad they mentioned that because I don't think I would have thought of it.

found a book I want, shocking, I know 
 I think it was around 6:00 when we were finally home. The kids got their stuff ready to spend the night with their grandparents and I had the house to myself. After playing around on the computer a little I went to bed. Early.      


Sunday was race day and I really wasn't very excited about this race. I didn't train very well and it was expected to rain. It had rained pretty hard the night before but at the starting line the sky was cloudy but dry. I was hopping it would stay that way. I used the first few of miles as a warm up and by mile three I felt like I had gotten the cobwebs worked out of my legs and I was feeling really good. The miles seemed to go by really fast and the day was beautiful. My friend, the sun, even came out. I wasn't  running for time on this one and I took the time enjoy the course. It was all on the American River Bike Trail and it was beautiful. The wild grass was a vibrant green, thanks to the over night rain and there were birds of every size and color everywhere. I think it was the prettiest course I've ever ran. I run on the bike trail on the weekends for my long runs but I've never gone as far as this course goes. It was a great way to see more of the bike trail.


Since I was feeling so good I pushed myself to run 30 second splits and I did pretty well with that. I did take some extra walk breaks but I did better than I expected. I finished in about 3 hours, 15 minutes. The results aren't posted yet and I always forget to stop my watch right as I finish so I don't know what my "official" time is. My feet where pretty sore yesterday and last night from the run but they're not bad today. My thighs and hips are a tiny bit sore but nothing like I expected. I'm hopping to work out any soreness I have during either tonight's yoga class or my pool workout.

In the afternoon my sister and niece came over for a little while. Avery, my niece, is a crack-up. She brought over some toys her dad had gotten for her and made "Auntie" many different birthday cakes. She didn't seem to like the one I made though. As soon as she saw it she took it apart and looked at me with an expression that said "do I have to do everything for you???" 

How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I think my head is more ambitious than my body

Yesterday, after reading Kim's blog (I met her last summer while paddleboarding and I think she's pretty awesome), I decided I needed to incorporated yoga into my daily life and not just on Mondays. At first I thought nap time would be the perfect time for some yoga. I already had quiet music on, the lights off and curtains closed to aid the sleeping of my little people and after a morning of chasing toddlers I knew I could use some zen time. However, it occurred to me that I would have to wait until the kids were all sleeping before I could start. (Believe me, the my three-year-olds would be way too distracted with the Anna show to sleep.) Once they had fallen asleep the baby needed a bottle and then I needed to eat and then... Okay, so maybe nap time isn't the best time for yoga. New plan, I would get up a little bit early in the mornings and start my day with yoga. I could do it in my jammies before I got dressed for the day and it would feel great! Guess what? I slept in a little late and had just enough time to get dressed before opening day care and getting Sami and Nevyn up for school. Oops. But I'm not giving up! Tomorrow, I WILL wake up half an hour early and start my day with yoga before anyone else in the house is even awake. 

Today I came up with another great idea to help my weight loss and fitness goals become a reality. I'm going to swim laps almost every day. Jeremy and I decided a few weeks ago to start swimming together on Friday nights. He's an awesome swimmer and his fitness background is in aquatics. I'm a pretty strong swimmer but I could use his help with technique and how to get the most out of my pool workouts. 

I'm going to brag about my hubby for a minute. He swam in the Sacramento Swim League and even set a few records (they have since been broken, sorry babe, I checked). Then he coached a rec team for ten years (+/-) and then was the head coach for El Camino High School. In addition to coaching, he was a lifeguard, and aquatics manger for our park district, and he was a lifeguard instructor for the Red Cross. He knows his stuff.

Anyway, we have yet to make our Friday night swim date. For three weeks in a row something has come up and it's been canceled but that will change tomorrow. We will be swimming. But I want to swim more than once a week and here are my reasons: 


My skin really likes chlorine. When I was a kid I never had really bad eczema breakouts during the summer. Why? Because I spent 4-6 hours everyday swimming in our community pool and chlorine in the water kept my eczema in check and killed any bacteria on my skin that would irritate it.   

It's a great way to slim down. Swimming is a full body workout, you burn a ton of calories and it tones everything. My training has been very hit-or-miss so far this year, I need all the help I can get to get back into shape. 

I think it will be good for my knees and feet to spend some time off the pavement and it will help condition me for Stand Up Paddlebpoard season. I'm really close to getting my very first SUP and once the weather (and lake water) warm up, I'm going to be out on the water as much as I can.     

Okay, this is the one that shows how much of a dork I am...  I have decided that I want to look like a surfer. Their bodies and strong but not overly buff and cute as hell. I actually went online this morning and "researched' this. "They" say the best way to get a surfer body (without surfing) is to swim as much as possible. So there you go. I'm going to be in the pool almost as much as I'm running. 

Go ahead, laugh and roll your eyes but I'm going to be ready for summer and any summer-ish activities I want to do because I'm going to be healthy and fit! 

Do you see where the title of this blog comes in? I have, in two days, decided to add yoga to my morning routine and swimming in the evenings after my regular workout. Keep in mind I still work 12 hours a day, have two kids, a husband and all of the responsibilities that come along with the rest of my life. I can logically see how difficult this will be to keep up but I'm still really excited. Tonight's plan is a 5 mile run then, at least, 20 minutes in the pool. Wish me luck!         

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A letter to two old friends

I don't have a best friend anymore so the closes things I have to that would be my buddy, the road, and my other buddy, the gym. I haven't seen them in (what feels like) a really long time and  really miss them. So I thought I would write them a letter. 

To my dear friends, Road and Gym, 
I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you much over these last few weeks. I feel so flaky. I plan on going to see you but my plans have been forced to change. You see, my lungs have been taken over by the evil asthma monster and my skin has been attacking me with weapons of mass dryness and eczema bombs. I was able to get away long enough to see a few doctors who have equipped me with ointments and a new pill. My skin is starting to heal and I think that front will be won over the next few days. Dethroning the asthma monster is proving to be more difficult. 
I really do miss our visits. Not only do you provide me with my workouts, yoga and bodypump classes and training runs but my visits to you are also, more often than not, my only trips away from the house during the week. 
I hope to see you both this week. Please don't forget me. I think of you often and I truly miss our time together.  
Yours truly,
Of all my planned workouts last week I only made it to 3. 

I did the Shamrock'n half marathon last Sunday. I just started to not feel well a few days before but I was determined to make it to the race. I walked most of it but I still did 13.1 miles and earned my medal. 

On Monday I went to my yoga class even though I wasn't feeling well and was very congested. I have decided that yoga is magical. When I left class I could breath out of my nose again! I was very excited. It didn't last long but I enjoyed every snot free breath I could.

My Tuesday night bodypump class! I look forward to this class all week. I had missed all my classes the week before so I was thrilled to be back. I just have to throw this out there: My instructor, Sabre, is fantastic! I love her energy. 

And that's it. Because of my health (mostly my stupid, diseased lungs) I had to skip all my other workouts. Including my 5 mile run on Wednesday, my 2 miles on Thursday, laps in the pool on Friday, my 7 mile run and bodypump class on Saturday and my bodypump class on Sunday. It SUCKED! 

However, a new week means a new chance to meet my goals. I feel pretty confidant that I'll be able to do my workouts this week. I'm feeling better and now I have chemistry to help me. Thanks you, modern medicine! If everything goes well I'll be able to run in the river city half on Sunday.  

Wish me luck!


Monday, March 12, 2012

How much do I like it here?

my home

I know I have whined about my medical issues before but I'm going to whine some more.My allergies have been bad enough to keep me home from my workouts all week last week. My skin has been so dry that it's painful to blink. The skin all over my body-literary head to toe- is so tight it cracks when I move. Simple things like standing up or walking are so uncomfortable I've been spending most of my time supervising my daycare kids while sitting on the couch. Once daycare is over I go in my room for the rest of the night. The dryness of my skin and allergies also causes my eczema to breakout so I can add itchiness, red, blotchy skin and beading sores to my list of things to whine about. Life has been miserable lately.


My allergies and skin have been getting worse over the last year, maybe a year and a half, but I get relief when ever we go to the coast. We are beach people and like to get out of the valley as much as we came. We spend a lot of the summer taking day trips to the coast and the bay area. We recently became members of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and plan on visiting frequently over the next year. Because my health is better on the coast and in the bay, Jeremy and I have thought about moving there. We spent Saturday in Oakland and Berkeley looking at some potential workplaces for Jeremy and driving through neighborhoods. My skin, of course, was fine the whole time we were there and we both were free of allergies and sinus pressure.

view from the bike trail

On the drive home we talked about our feelings on moving. The idea is really scary to both of us. I would have to leave my current daycare families behind -that would break my heart-and start my business all over from scratch. We would have to rent until we could save up for a decent down payment on a house and we both hate the idea of uprooting our kids from the family and friends they have here. My parents and sister are here and Jeremy's parents and both of his brothers are here along with our aunts, uncles and cousins. Our life would be very different without the help we get from my in-laws. We take advantage of them living around the corner and our kids are very closer to them.

I remember watching construction
crews build this when I was a kid

Once we were in Fairfield, almost to the Jelly Belly factory, my allergies joined forces with sinus pressure and they attacked in full force. I felt like someone dropped a bowling ball on my head. It actually stopped me in mid word, it was so intense. Jeremy said his sinus pressure had come back too and he also had a headache. I was miserable. We had talked about going to see a movie when we got into town but we ended up going home instead and I when straight to bed. Again.

Despite all the benefits, I think we're going to stay here in Sacramento. Jer and I both agree that any raise he would get wouldn't be enough to relocate. Like everyone, we are pretty strapped financially and it would be impossible to get by on Jer's income alone while I rebuilt my business.   

nope, can't leave these guys

The next day was Sunday (yesterday) and I had my first half marathon of 2012. I knew it wasn't going to be one of my better races. I had missed too many workouts and I still wasn't feeling very well. (Thankfully, my asthma seems to be doing fine. I had seen my doctor earlier in the week and my lung capacity was at 108%, not bad for a life long asthmatic.) I also was running in a pair of bran new shoes. I knew this was going to really hurt my feet but I figured it wouldn't be as bad as wearing my old shoes. I wasn't wrong, my feet were killing me by the half way mark and I could feel how swollen they were with each step. My stride changed due to the pain in my feet and I could feel a tweak in my left knee and I pulled both of my hip flexors. By the end I wasn't even running it was more of a chubby-chick-shuffle.To make it just a little bit more interesting, Aunt Flow came to visit around mile 5... Yeah, I was not prepared for that. It was a very slow and long race but I finished and I earned my medal. I have two weeks to get ready for my next half so hopefully I'll improve my time a little. Now that my shoes are broken in I'm sure it wont be as painful as this one was.

wild lavender by the
Sacramento River
I woke up today bracing myself for the pain I was sure yesterday's torture would cause. However, I'm surprisingly fine today. My feet, calves and quads are the tininess bit sore, most of any discomfort is coming from the back of my knees. I've never experienced soreness there before. It's kind of interesting.

An interesting side note: The guy from Fleet Feet who helped me find my new shoes ended up winning the race in an hour and nine minutes.

Sami's new shoe
In other news, Sami got her cast off. Her foot is 70% healed and she's now in a very stylish surgical sandal for the next four weeks. At that point she'll go in for more x-rays and hopefully get cleared to dance and participate in her martial arts class. She's been miserable and board without her activities.  

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey look, It's Friday!

Is it just me or has this been a crazy long week? There's been so much going on... I'm sure being off of work last week didn't make this week any easier but still... Anyway, here's a peek into my week.

If you read Monday's post you know that I was working on my "action plan" and trying to feel better and get my fitness back into gear. Part of my plan was drinking more water and I know I was successful with that this week. As a valentine's day gift my secret sister from church gave me one of those plastic cups with a straw that doesn't slip out of the lid. It is now my water cup and I'm drinking a lot more water. I don't know why but I drink more if I'm drinking from a straw. I don't like using open-faced glasses or cups when I'm working. I get bumped so often by kids I spill more than I actually drink (I use a travel mug for my morning coffee most of the time). Thank you secret sister, whoever you are. 

I did make it to yoga! I also was able to go for a short
 run on the treadmill before class. That was a good. 

Jeremy covered daycare for me so I could go to my bodypump class. I've had a painful time with squats (only when using the bar) and lunges. Last week I was talking to my instructor about it and she was able to give me some advise on what I might be doing wrong. She was right about everything. I'm embarrassed to say that I've been doing lungs so wrong all these years. They're still hard but not as painful. I absolutely love this instructor. I've had a few but she is by far my favorite. I like her so much, I take her Sunday morning class in Folsom too. (Of course, I'm already in Folsom on Sunday mornings for church but now I'm hanging out at the gym while the kids are in Sunday school instead of the coffee shop and stuffing my face with sugary treats.) This Saturday she'll also be subbing in my Saturday class so I'll see her three ties this week, woohoo.

In addition to bodypump, I ran for half an hour on the treadmill and them came home to watch Biggest Loser with Sami. I've been watching BL since season 7 and this is the worst season I've seen. The only reason I'm still watching it is because it's mine and Sami's date-night. All the drama that the contestants get them self into have been useful though. I'll ask Sami what she would do in a similar situation and we talk about different ways a situation could have been handled. In a few weeks they will air the show they taped in Hawaii. Bethany Hamilton will be on the show teaching the contestants how to surf. She and Jillian Michaels are Samantha's celebratory idols so she's super excited the March 20th episode.

Samantha came home and told me about the substitute she had that day. Before I list the horrifying details let me acknowledge the fact that Sami's class is made up of some of the rudest, obnoxious future thugs ever and this teacher was, no doubt, provoked and pushed to the limit but there's no excuse for Sami and her friends had to go through. 
The teacher yelled "shut-up" to my daughter's 6th grade class all day. Sami and her friend counted seven times in the last ten minutes of class alone
At one point during the day, one of the kids asked her why she was yelling at them. Her response: "oh, you think this is yelling? I'm an actress and if I was yelling, the people in the front of the school would hear me"   
One of the more quiet boys in the class was holding a handful of pencils he had taken out of his back pack. She saw him and accused him of stealing her pencils. When he denied stealing them she tried to snatch them out of his hand.
She told the class that they are all awful kids (this is after her morning speech about how she doesn't believe there are any "bad kids") and if she ever came face-to-face with any of their parents she would let them know how bad they are as parents.
When one of the boys was visibly angry at something she said she dared him to punch her. She was quoted by Sami and my neighbor's son as saying "take a shot, come on, are you too scared?!" Are you frickin kidding me?!?!?!?!

Jeremy got home shortly after Samantha did and then the two of them went up to the school and talked to the VP. We were told that she would not be invited back to our school and we told Sami that if she is in a situation like that again has permission to gather her things and go to the principals office. There's no reason for her to be verbally assaulted by anyone! (Other than me, of course) 

The bright side of Wednesday, I got my iPhone! Very exciting. As if I needed to a stronger addiction to my phone...

    It was just a day. Nothing super awesome, nothing super tragic. I had to go to the red cross to update my first aid certification. The class was scheduled 6:00-10:00 but it was  really small class and it went by fast. We go out at 8:00. 

By the way: I passed with 100% Yep, I'm bragging about a first aid test.

Today! I balanced out checkbook (I had been putting that off) and I found out that I have enough cash to get a new pair of running shoes. I'm so excited about that, it's a little sad. As soon as the last daycare kid leaves I'll be on my way to Fleet Feet for some new running shoes. I mean real running shoes, not what ever I can find on sale at where ever I happen to be getting stuff for the kids. My feet are going to be so happy with me.

About an hour and a half after school started today we got a phone call from the school. Turns out Nevyn's teacher wasn't there for a few hours in he morning and they had a sub-the same sub Samantha's class had on Wednesday! Nevyn waited until they were walking out to the playground for P.E. then slipped out of line and went to the office to call us. Jeremy (he has Thursdays and Fridays off from work) went to the school to pick him up. We told him, in the future, he needs to tell the teacher before he leaves (she got a little freaked out when she was short a kid) but overall we were very proud of his actions. He did exactly what we have told both kids to do if they are ever uncomfortable with an adult in in their classroom.  

I have a seven mile run planned in the morning followed by a bodypump class then lunch with a friend. Jeremy's working so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my kids during all of that but I'll figure it out. 

I hop you all have a great weekend!