Friday, May 20, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about goals this week. I find this interesting because in the past I didn't want to have any goals. If I didn't have any goals then I wouldn't have to fail at meeting them. I think this is a very common attitude today but it's no longer the way I want to live so, I've changed. I have many goals and I believe I can achieve all of them. Maybe not on the first or even second try, but eventually I will. I know I will run a full marathon. I would love to do it in about four hours but even if it takes six it'll still be a goal that has been met. I want to finish a triathlon as well. I'm not a strong swimmer and I don't even own a bike but I will accomplish it and as long as I'm not dead last I will meet my goal. Another big goal for me is to earn my BA in Child Development. I think this goal will be the most challenging. Going back to school is a big decision and I have already gotten that far but it's not the right time. Right now I work 60 hours work weeks, my husband works full time as well and is a full time on-line student. In addition to that we have two children and they are my top priority. Not just providing for them but spending time with them as an active parent. I also need to make sure that I take care of myself. I've worked very hard to get to the healthy state I'm in today and a college degree is not worth being this physically active and healthy. I need my workout time and quality sleep and I refuse to give either of those needs up. Even for school. I asked myself, how am I going to find the time to go back to school and achieve this goal? My husband is going to school now so I wont start till after he's finished. He is also up for a promotion right now as an assistant store director for his company. The next step up from there is to get his own store and be a store director. When that happens I will enroll as a junior in our local state university. It will be the perfect time. I wont have to work full time, if at all and our kids will be much older. Until then, I'll take any outstanding prerequisite classes I may be lacking. And I definitely need to bone up on my math and English skills. Okay, so my new educational goal is to graduate with my BA by the time I'm 40 (I'm 31 now). Wow, that seems a little old to be getting my BA but at least I'll have it. I got married and had children very young so I've put off some of the goals I wanted for myself in order to be the kind parent I wanted to be. I did go to school when my kids were babies and earned my AA years ago. I decided then to wait until I could be a full time student before going back for my BA. I could never afford to be a part time student for another five or six years at a university. If everything goes according to my plan my kids and I can go homework together in the evenings and we might even graduate around the same time. Me from college and them from high school.

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