Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Running of the Elk wrap up and Acupuncture

Last Wednesday I went to my Team Mermaid workout and did a total of four miles. The next three days I paid for it dearly. The plantar fasciitis in my left foot was making itself known and I was getting very concerned about my half marathon the following Sunday. I had decided that I would take it easy and even walk the 13.1 miles if I needed to.

I had been excited for this race but dreading it at the same time. Excited because it would be my first event in my new shoes and I had about three weeks to recover from my last half. Dreading because over those three weeks I had been ill and got almost no training done. If you have been following this blog then you know all about my training troubles.

On race day my foot was bothering me during the drive from my home in the Arden area all the way to Elk Grove. I took that as a reminder to just enjoy the day and not worry about anything else. I spend the 45 minutes before the race walking loops around the expo. At first it was to see what venders where out but then it was just to keep warm and loose. Walking expo loops can get boring. But the Nissan booth and a Quest (Nissan's minivan) out there. I have been wanting one for a long time and I really like their new body style so it was pretty awesome to get an up close look at it.

Side note: We are a Nissan family. Over the course of our relationship Jeremy and I have owned five Nissan's. When I first met Jeremy (I was in high school) he had a Frontier. After Samantha was born we got a Sentra (in heat wave), after Nevyn was born we got another Sentra. Not long after that Jeremy got a Maxima and he now has a 370 Z.

Back to race day. I remembered my watch this time so I was better able to run/walk my 30 second splits. This was great I finished the first 5K in 37 minutes, a really good time for me. Unfortunately, because I wasn't as conditioned as I would have liked to be I wasn't able to keep up that pace for the entire race. As the miles went on I got more and more tired and had to take more walking breaks but that's okay. I finished the race in 3:18:12, not bad considering I hadn't been training. Even better, the next day my foot had not hurt as bad as I thought it would. In fact, I was able to walk almost normally on it.

On Monday I had my first acupuncture appointment. I was amazed by the initial results. After he placed five needles in my hand he had me walk around. My foot felt instantly better. I could still feel the stretching of the plantar fascia but it didn't cause pain in my heal. It's been two days since my treatment. Some pain did come back later that day and the next morning but I have been walking better. I'm interested to see how I'll feel after my Mermaid workout this evening. He's not sure yet how many treatments it will take to heal my condition. When I tell him how long the initial treatment lasted he'll have a better idea on the whole picture. I'm optimistic! I just wish insurance covered more of the treatment. They will only cover 80% or $25 (so, $20) and the treatment are about $105 so it's actually more cost effective to pay out of pocket. They charge $65 of you have insurance but pay on your own.

My next event is the Zoo Zoom this up coming Sunday. I'm doing the 5K and I'm super excited about it! I'm treating it like a fun run. I'm going to go all out, give it everything i have and have fun! It'll be a no stress run :)

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