Saturday, September 21, 2013


I had the best of plans to get up early and go for my first fall morning run today, Yes, the first day of fall is tomorrow but it feels like fall today and I wanted to celebrate with a run.

Everyone who knows me knows I love summer. I love having my kids home with me, the warm weather, swimming, paddleboarding, hiking and everything else that goes alone with summer. I like spring because it's closer to summer and it defrosts the cold winter weather. But fall is my favorite!

Living in Sacramento in the fall is great. We have lots, and lots, and lots of trees here. We have so many trees, one of the city's nicknames is "city of trees". As kids we learn in school that Sacramento is second only to Paris, France for the city with the most trees per capita in the world! (I am aware that it has been a long time since I was a child in school and that fun fact might not be fact anymore but I'm still proud of it.) While some of our tree population are evergreens many are not and we are treated to a rainbow of colored leaves every fall. Did I mention I love trees?

Back to today. I was going to get to up early and run! I was excited about this. I even fell asleep thinking about where I would run even though I was watching a show with Jeremy. I expected to wake up to my alarm going off and the house quiet full of my sleeping family. Instead, I woke up to my family talking in the kitchen, the sun already high in the sky and me in the bed alone. I was stiff and had a awful headache from the lack of caffeine in my blood stream. I looked at my phone and it was almost 10:00AM! What happened??? What happened to my glorious fall celebratory fun? And where is the coffee?

As I type, I'm drinking my coffee and the computer screen is slowly coming into better focus. (Thank goodness for spell check.) and I am trying to figure out what went wrong. For starters, my allergies have been really bad and my skin has been paying the price. Dry skin + eczema + season change = miserable Anna. Last night I decided to take a few of my dermatologist prescribed antihistamines in an effort to get a better night's sleep. I can only take them when I know I have time for a full night's sleep because whether I have time or not, that's what I'll be getting. They knock my ass out! Those little pills could have something to do with sleeping half the day away but I think they were only a contributing factor. Honestly, I think I'm just really tired. I had a similar over sleeping episode last Saturday too. Only, I don't remember taking my pills that time and I over slept even more than today. I think I'm just tired.

My work week has never been a walk in the park (even though it includes many walks in the park). Most days I get up at 4:30AM. I'm in the gym by 5:00 and back home by 6:00. I get the kids up, ready for school and make their lunches. Daycare opens at 6:30, Sam leaves for school at 7:00, Nevyn leaves at 7:30. Most of my daycare kids are here by breakfast, served at 8:30, and everyone is here by 9:00. We have lunch at noon, a snack after nap at 3:00 and everyone, my family included, has diner at 6:00. Daycare closes at 6:30 at which point I spend time with my kids, clean up after diner and take care of any other chores that need to be done before going to bed. It's a long and busy day but not more than I can handle, most of the time.

The dynamic of daycare has changed a lot. I used to have one infant, one toddler, three preschoolers and two schoolagers. Now that school is back in full swing I have an almost all new group of kids. Now I have two infants, one preschooler and three toddlers. In this case, you can substitute the word "toddler" for "2 year old". Yes, I have three 2 year olds. I love all my daycare kids like family. They  may as well all be my nieces and nephews because that's how I feel about them so please don't get the idea that I don't care for or like them. But it is a challenge. It's been years since I had a group like this. In fact, those kids who just left to go to school were the last group like this. That's how this business is. So it's going to take me some time to readjust to my new workload and I think that's the underlying reason I've over slept two Saturdays in a row. I think I will stop setting my alarm for Saturdays for a while and plan on running on Sunday mornings instead. My body is being pretty obvious that it needs some extra rest on Saturday mornings.

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