Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A near perfect weekend

Last week was kind of sucky for the most part. It rained, a lot, and for me, that means massive allergy attacks and breathing was something I had to try to do rather a natural thing that you only have to think about when you're underwater. I did manage to make to yoga on Monday, bodypump on Tuesday and I swam laps almost everyday. Even though running was out of the question last week I was still getting my burn on.

Saturday was a very wet day but that didn't bother me because I had too much going on to get a long run in outside anyway. My day stated with getting the kids up and ready to take Kate to the doctor (my car into the shop). I was pretty sure I needed to get my fan belt replaced. (The horrible screaming sound that came out from under the hood every time I turned on the car when it was cold or applied the brakes was a clue) It had been a while since I had my car checked out so I had them do one of those multi-point inspections and an oil change. I'm happy to report that Kate passed the inspection with just a few things I need to address with in the next few months. (Translation: the savings account is going to take hit very soon) I really don't mind spending money on my car. I've had her since Nevyn was a few days old and I've never had any huge issues with her (knock on wood). I'm really good about car maintenance and in return, she has never let me down. I can't complain about spending a couple hundred dollars every now and then. having a safe and reliable car is priceless. It doesn't hurt that she's paid off, likes the cheap gas and has great fuel mileage.

Jeremy's mom and brother picked up us from the dealership and I treated to a Starbucks breakfast as a thank you before she gave me a ride to the gym. I worked my tail off at the new bodypump release. I loved it. There's more upper body stuff in this track. That's good for me, I need to build my upper body strength. After a little snack I swam almost half a mile in the pool. I swam a total of 750 yards in 20 minutes (a half mile is 825 yards). It was a tough swim. My arms were very tired from my class but it's so rewarding to get through a workout when you feel tired to begin with. Jeremy and I have been swimming together on Friday nights (our aqua date) and he's been helping me with technique. Eventually I'll get faster. I hope.

About a week ago Jeremy's boss told Nevyn that if he straightened his hair and took a picture, he would give him $10. Nevyn was all over that so he and I hard some bonding time over the hair straightener in the afternoon. He taught me the following about beavers:
  • They eat plants and tree bark
  • They store food underwater and use rocks to weight it down
  • They use rocks to full gaps in their dams
  • They slap the water with their tales to tell other beavers to get back to the "house"
  • Females can have 2-4 babies every spring
  • They take "vacations" ever year to different locations
  • Baby beavers have so much fat on their bodies that they float
  • They can pull their cheeks under their front teeth to keep water out of their mouth
  • Their teeth are orange 

Sunday was beautiful!

The kids and I headed up the hill to Folsom in the morning for church. I dropped them off for Sunday school and then went to the gym for my first experenice with PiYo. It was AWESOME! I highly recommend it. 

The kids where having a sleep over that night and then going on a road trip with their grandparents till Thursday so I wanted to have some family time. After a little family lunch we taught the kids how to play penny dominoes. I think we spent just about the whole game laughing. My heart was very happy.

I needed to get out in some of the sunshine we had so I went for a very slow run/jog/walk. The sun felt so good on my skin and I really enjoyed my outside time even though I was much slower than I like. It was my first time on the road since the half marathon I ran the week before.

We dropped off the kids with their grand parents after we had a little family dinner at our new favorite place to eat, Panera bread. It was a very nice weekend.


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