Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obsessed? Me? Maybe.

My success on Sunday got me so jazzed to get back into my workout routine. I've gotten a little obsessed with my plans and goals so today's blog is all about that stuff. Sorry of it's not the best reading for those who are not me, but it's what is running through my mind at the moment. (Most moments lately.)

Yesterday's yoga class was great! I got to the gym about 45 minutes before class so I got a chance to hop on some cardio equipment first. I stated out on the treadmill. I had planned on walking on an incline for awhile to boost my burn but it was bothering my lower back so I gave it up after about 10 minutes. I continued my cadrio workout on the bike. I rode for half an hour on an level 4 and ended up going for 7.5 miles. It felt good to workout my quades a little. I wasn't overly sore from Sunday's race but my quades where making themselves known a little louder than usual. 

We have a new Monday night yoga instructor and I think I'm going to like her a lot. She's been subbing for the last few weeks while "they" made a decision on a permanent instructor and I like her style. We haven't done any poses I haven't already done but I'm hopping we will has time goes on. 

Today is my bodypump Tuesday! I love bodypump but I don't know if I'll be able to make it there today. Jeremy usually covers daycare for me so I can leave early enough to make it to class but he has a swim team meeting today after baseball practice so I might be late if I get to class at all. But regardless if I make to class or not I'll still run and go for a swim. 

I have made the decision that I need a day off form my workouts during the week and Wednesday is the best day for that. This also gives me the chance to pick Sami up from ballet and see her in action once a week, spend some one-on-one time with Nevyn and, once we get this computer back up to "gaming speed" I have reserved Wednesday nights for "gaming dates" with Jeremy. He is so excited. He's going to teach me how to play World of Warcraft (WoW) and we will play side-by-side. I'm not a big video/computer game chick but Jeremy really likes them. He makes time for our aqua dates every week for me (he would never chose to spend his free time at the gym) so I'm going to do the same for him. Aw, aren't we sickeningly sweet? 

I actually don't have a class on Thursdays. Thursdays are for running and swimming. I plan on doing some speed work on my Thursday runs and maybe during my swim too. I don't ever see myself as "fast" but I would be really happy to be faster than I am now. My next 5K is in June and I would like to finish in around 37 or 38 minutes. My half is in less than month and I want to be as close to last years time as I can.  

Friday night is my aqua date with Jeremy! He has been a big help. He has improved my stroke and my breathing pattern as well as made me feel better about my swimming insecurities. 

My plan for Saturday has been altered a little from the norm. Last week, while waiting for bodypump to start and watching the turbo kick class, I shared with one of my pump buddies that I wanted to try turbo kick but I was a little intimidated by it. He said he has been wanting to try it too so we decided to meat up this Saturday and take both turbo kick and bodypump. I'm pretty excited about trying something new but at the same time I'm wondering how I'm going to fit this class into my Saturday program if I fall in love with it. We'll see how it pans out after this weekend I guess. 

I haven't been to PiYo for a couple of weeks. First I skipped it because it was Easter Sunday and then last week I had a race. I'm looking forward to going back this weekend. It's a tough class, tougher than I expected but I really like the challenge and it's very different from anything else I've been doing. 

I have to keep up my running! I have my next half marathon, the Mermaid Series Half on May 12th (my third half for the year) and I really want to better my time. My last half was the River City Half in late February and I finished in 3:13:04. Last year I finished the Mermaid Series Half in 2:31:31. I would like to finish close to that time but this year's training has been much more challenging that last year's. If I don't meet or better that time I wont be too disappointed. My goal this year is a sub three hour finish. 

Bragging rights! I was quoted on the Mermaid Series Facebook page. This is pretty cool. I've done three Mermaid Series events and they are so much fun! I have already decided that my first triathlon will be the Mermaid Series Tri near Santa Cruz.  

In other exciting news, I got my paddle board! I can't believe it has taken me this long to blog about it but I've had a lot going on. So, everyone in Blogland, please welcome the newest member of my family, Ali. She is a Boga (of course) Mahina and I love her. Look how well she compliments Kate! They are already fast friends. I plan on taking her out on Lake Natoma on Saturday. My kids keep reminding me that I have to share. Who says???

Are these not the cutest runners you have ever seen? These are two of my daycare girls, Sage (5) and Sierra (3)  (sisters, like you couldn't tell) and they may as well be my nieces. I love them to pieces! They ran in the kids races at the Zoo Zoom on Sunday and earned themselves some medals. I hung out after my race so I could cheer them on and see them cross the finish line. They did great! Sage competed in the age group above her own and still finished solidly in the middle of the pack. Both of them are athletes in the making. 

Last Friday after work I met up with an old high school buddy. We saw each other at our 10 year reunion (how am I that old already???) but it's been a few years and she was back in town visiting family. We had a quick little coffee date at Temple in midtown. I had never been there before but now I can't wait to try out the one closer to me. I loved it! Yum, yum, yum. If you haven't tried it, you need to get your caboose down there ASAP. 

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