Monday, February 4, 2013

5 days till race 1 of 13

Super Bowl 10K
Time: 1:25:50

Yesterday I ran the Super Bowl 10K as a way to force myself to get 6 miles in over the weekend. It took me longer than I really wanted but I have to remind myself that I've had a lot of set backs over the last two weeks. Let me fill you in on my recent hurdles.

1) Eye woes - Last summer I was scratched in the eye by one of my daycare kids. It took forever to heal and the doc warned me that if my eyes get too dry, the scratch could reopen, especially first thing in the morning. A couple of Thursdays ago, in the afternoon, my eyes where too dry (I guess) I blinked and the scratch reopened. The next day I saw my doctor and he confirmed that it was the same scratch. I was doomed to wear an eye patch tapped to my eye for the next few days.

2) Skin issues - The tape the doctor used to secure the eye patch to my face was plastic medical tape. I forgot that I have a latex allergy. Can you see where this going? When I took the patch off my skin was red, itchy and there were even a few sore where the tape had been. I even had a sty on each eye. 

3) Monster hand - I had, what I thought, was just a small clogged pore on my left hand. I get these ever now and then from the buckets of lotion I use on my dragon skin. I popped it and though that was the end of that. The next day I bumped into something while I was walking down the hall and it hurt my hand more than it should have. I looked at it and was shocked to see it was flaming red and hot to the touch. It was infected. I tried cleaning it out as much as I could but it continued to get more and more painful and at one point my had was about three times the size it should have been. I had to take my wedding ring off it was so swollen (the injury was near my thumb). I went into the doctor and was put on two antibiotics. The constant throbbing in my hand was torture.    

So I missed a lot of workouts and I knew I couldn't flake on my last weekend before my half. The 10K was a lot harder than I thought it would be. That makes me nervous for the half on Saturday. Send me good thoughts for race day. I think I'm going to need them.  


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