Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you Facebook peeps!


3 mi/treadmill 1% incline

Today was a long day. Things got a little stressful at work and by the time the workday was over I was exhausted. I knew I really needed to get today's run in but I was in a motivational melt down. I knew I would get the support I needed if I reached out to my Facebook family so I posted the following on my FB page:

"I'm fighting the urge to flake out on my training run tonight. I'm going to chill while my diner digests then go to the gym. Why am I sharing? Because I need encouragement, lol"

The support I got was amazing!

"Go to the gym!!!" - my hubby

"Go to the gym. Nobody ever regretted a workout they completed. You got to do the work if you want to reach your goal!!" - my neighbor

"Go Anna and workout for me too! There....,did that help?!?" - my cousin

"Go Anna-you will feel so much better afterwards plus you can't let me down cuz you are my's that?" - my aunt

"Get off your bum! I did my walk this morning and tomorrow I'm adding an evening bike ride to my routine." - close friend since grade school

"Go, you will feel better after. I know I did!" - friend

"Just do it" - close friend since high school

"I hope you went already, Tina did." - friend

I'm feeling great riding the post run high and I have all of you to thank. So, thank you! My legs were a little (lot) sore from yesterday's bodypump class but my legs felt pretty good during the run.

Tomorrows plan? REST DAY! And I need it. :)

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