Thursday, March 22, 2012

I think my head is more ambitious than my body

Yesterday, after reading Kim's blog (I met her last summer while paddleboarding and I think she's pretty awesome), I decided I needed to incorporated yoga into my daily life and not just on Mondays. At first I thought nap time would be the perfect time for some yoga. I already had quiet music on, the lights off and curtains closed to aid the sleeping of my little people and after a morning of chasing toddlers I knew I could use some zen time. However, it occurred to me that I would have to wait until the kids were all sleeping before I could start. (Believe me, the my three-year-olds would be way too distracted with the Anna show to sleep.) Once they had fallen asleep the baby needed a bottle and then I needed to eat and then... Okay, so maybe nap time isn't the best time for yoga. New plan, I would get up a little bit early in the mornings and start my day with yoga. I could do it in my jammies before I got dressed for the day and it would feel great! Guess what? I slept in a little late and had just enough time to get dressed before opening day care and getting Sami and Nevyn up for school. Oops. But I'm not giving up! Tomorrow, I WILL wake up half an hour early and start my day with yoga before anyone else in the house is even awake. 

Today I came up with another great idea to help my weight loss and fitness goals become a reality. I'm going to swim laps almost every day. Jeremy and I decided a few weeks ago to start swimming together on Friday nights. He's an awesome swimmer and his fitness background is in aquatics. I'm a pretty strong swimmer but I could use his help with technique and how to get the most out of my pool workouts. 

I'm going to brag about my hubby for a minute. He swam in the Sacramento Swim League and even set a few records (they have since been broken, sorry babe, I checked). Then he coached a rec team for ten years (+/-) and then was the head coach for El Camino High School. In addition to coaching, he was a lifeguard, and aquatics manger for our park district, and he was a lifeguard instructor for the Red Cross. He knows his stuff.

Anyway, we have yet to make our Friday night swim date. For three weeks in a row something has come up and it's been canceled but that will change tomorrow. We will be swimming. But I want to swim more than once a week and here are my reasons: 


My skin really likes chlorine. When I was a kid I never had really bad eczema breakouts during the summer. Why? Because I spent 4-6 hours everyday swimming in our community pool and chlorine in the water kept my eczema in check and killed any bacteria on my skin that would irritate it.   

It's a great way to slim down. Swimming is a full body workout, you burn a ton of calories and it tones everything. My training has been very hit-or-miss so far this year, I need all the help I can get to get back into shape. 

I think it will be good for my knees and feet to spend some time off the pavement and it will help condition me for Stand Up Paddlebpoard season. I'm really close to getting my very first SUP and once the weather (and lake water) warm up, I'm going to be out on the water as much as I can.     

Okay, this is the one that shows how much of a dork I am...  I have decided that I want to look like a surfer. Their bodies and strong but not overly buff and cute as hell. I actually went online this morning and "researched' this. "They" say the best way to get a surfer body (without surfing) is to swim as much as possible. So there you go. I'm going to be in the pool almost as much as I'm running. 

Go ahead, laugh and roll your eyes but I'm going to be ready for summer and any summer-ish activities I want to do because I'm going to be healthy and fit! 

Do you see where the title of this blog comes in? I have, in two days, decided to add yoga to my morning routine and swimming in the evenings after my regular workout. Keep in mind I still work 12 hours a day, have two kids, a husband and all of the responsibilities that come along with the rest of my life. I can logically see how difficult this will be to keep up but I'm still really excited. Tonight's plan is a 5 mile run then, at least, 20 minutes in the pool. Wish me luck!         

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