Sunday, March 18, 2012

A letter to two old friends

I don't have a best friend anymore so the closes things I have to that would be my buddy, the road, and my other buddy, the gym. I haven't seen them in (what feels like) a really long time and  really miss them. So I thought I would write them a letter. 

To my dear friends, Road and Gym, 
I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you much over these last few weeks. I feel so flaky. I plan on going to see you but my plans have been forced to change. You see, my lungs have been taken over by the evil asthma monster and my skin has been attacking me with weapons of mass dryness and eczema bombs. I was able to get away long enough to see a few doctors who have equipped me with ointments and a new pill. My skin is starting to heal and I think that front will be won over the next few days. Dethroning the asthma monster is proving to be more difficult. 
I really do miss our visits. Not only do you provide me with my workouts, yoga and bodypump classes and training runs but my visits to you are also, more often than not, my only trips away from the house during the week. 
I hope to see you both this week. Please don't forget me. I think of you often and I truly miss our time together.  
Yours truly,
Of all my planned workouts last week I only made it to 3. 

I did the Shamrock'n half marathon last Sunday. I just started to not feel well a few days before but I was determined to make it to the race. I walked most of it but I still did 13.1 miles and earned my medal. 

On Monday I went to my yoga class even though I wasn't feeling well and was very congested. I have decided that yoga is magical. When I left class I could breath out of my nose again! I was very excited. It didn't last long but I enjoyed every snot free breath I could.

My Tuesday night bodypump class! I look forward to this class all week. I had missed all my classes the week before so I was thrilled to be back. I just have to throw this out there: My instructor, Sabre, is fantastic! I love her energy. 

And that's it. Because of my health (mostly my stupid, diseased lungs) I had to skip all my other workouts. Including my 5 mile run on Wednesday, my 2 miles on Thursday, laps in the pool on Friday, my 7 mile run and bodypump class on Saturday and my bodypump class on Sunday. It SUCKED! 

However, a new week means a new chance to meet my goals. I feel pretty confidant that I'll be able to do my workouts this week. I'm feeling better and now I have chemistry to help me. Thanks you, modern medicine! If everything goes well I'll be able to run in the river city half on Sunday.  

Wish me luck!


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Kristen said...

I'm sure the gym forgives you for your absence! Good luck with feeling better and getting back to it! You are truly inspirational!