Monday, February 27, 2012

Yoga Monday

I usually feel like I'm in limbo on my first day back from vacation but today is an exception. I feel like it's just another Monday but after a very good weekend. It's probably because the weekend (and Friday) was really the best part of my vacation. I was grateful to be off while I was sick though. I had never had strep before and it surprised me how tired it made me. I was literary in bed for five days. Jeremy totally took care of the kids and the meals so I could rest. That was also a new experience. He's usually working when I'm sick and trying to rest up (the weekends) so I have to try to balance taking care of myself and still taking care of my mom and wife responsibilities. Thank you Jeremy!

I haven't been to yoga in about a month! I tried to go last Monday but the class was canceled, the Monday before that I wasn't feeling well, the Monday before that I was too tired to get my lazy ass to the gym and the Monday before that was when that dog ran out into the middle of the street and into my car when I was on my way to the gym. Totally different kind of down dog...  But tonight I will be there, in class, at 7:30. I'm really excited. Yoga helps keep me balanced. I leave class calm, relaxed and with an all over sense of feeling good. It's a very similar feeling I get after spending the day on the coast. 

I feel like I've been dealing with a lot of internal stress lately. I'm on edge a lot, I've been feeling overly stimulated when there are a lot of things of noises going on at the same time and I feel anxious a lot. These are all very abnormal feelings for me. I'm normally pretty laid back and can just roll along with whatever comes my way. I think part if it is my weight. I'm trying to lose weight (about 30 pounds) but I refuse to go on fab diets and meal replacement plans. I know what works but it's not working for me right now and I think this out of balance, out of self thing is playing a role in that. 

My action plan: 

I'm back to a normal running plan and I really think that will help with both my out of balance issue and the weight will start taking care of it's self. I love running. It makes me feel free and alive. 

I'm back to going to three bodypump class a week. It'll help my running and boost my calorie burn. The after burn is amazing! I love the feeling of getting stronger and I'm working with my favorite instructor on better technique, form and adding the right amount of weight at the right time. 

There's two yoga class near me during the week. However, they are both on Mondays at 7:30 so that leaves me with one yoga class a week. That's better than none so I'll take it. Yoga does amazing things for my mind and body. I just need to make sure I do it.


My goal is to swim laps one day a week, most likely on Fridays. Thursdays I'm working on speed drills and Saturdays are my long slow runs so Friday would be a perfect fit for swimming. I flake out with swimming a lot. I don't have a friend to go with me to the gym anymore and for the most part, I'm fine with that. With swimming however, I feel uncomfortable going alone. I just need to suck it up and do it. 

Jeremy and I are very close to getting our paddleboards and when we do, I'll be paddling on the weekends. It's a full body workout and very gentile on the body not to mention insanely fun. You forget you're doing a workout.

I do pretty well with this already but there's always room for improvement. I know I need to drink more water during the day and I'm drinking more milk too (organic only, of course). My biggest issue is snacking. 


That's my plan. I'm hoping to see my race times get better, my weight go down and my pudgy tummy to go away. I'm open to suggestions if you have any. If you're a 24 hour fitness member, local to the Sacramento area and you want to workout together let me know. Use the comments section below. 

I hope you have a great Monday, even if it is a Monday :o)  

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