Wednesday, January 16, 2013

back to bodypump

Bodypump class/60 min

Last night was my first bodypump class since the end of October and I was embarrassingly weak... After the first track my legs where quivering, haha. My workout buddy, Tracy, was giving me "the look" when she saw that most I would lift was 15 lbs. I'll add a little more next Tuesday. My plan is to go to the Friday class too and keep going twice a week  and hopefully build back to where I was before I started slacking off. 

Life here in Sacramento has been miserable! I understand that we are still living in above 0 degree conditions and there are other places that are not as lucky but I'm not a fan of cold weather so waking up in the twenties makes it very difficult for me to get my ass out of bed. For a while I was trying to get up early and do my training in the morning before work like I did in the summer and fall but I refuse to run outside when it's colder than 40 degrees. I just can handle it. The dark doesn't help either. If it was sunny I would probably suck it up and run. Maybe. Bottom line, I'm so tired of being cold!

if only i could take Sadie with me
It's going to be another cold but sunny day today but because of my long work day I wont be able to use that sun for training. So I will be at the gym again tonight running in the treadmill, blah. 

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