Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Yesterday was my fist workout of the new year. Every year on New Year's Day I go for an easy run. Usually about 3 miles and I don't worry about time or pace. I just enjoy starting another year.This year I ran in a nearby neighborhood that my kids refer to as "where the rich people live". Most of the houses are small mansions with large lots with lovely yards. I enjoy running in this area. It's pretty quiet with lots to look at and lots of trees. I love trees. My three mile run turned into three and half. I came across two little dogs running and playing all alone. They were very friendly and let me check their tag. They lived a few houses away so together we ran over to their house. I rang the bell a few times and knocked but no one was home. Then I called the phone number on their tags but there wasn't an answer there either. It was pretty obvious where they got out through the fence so I tried to coax them back into their yard but once they where at their front door they weren't going anywhere. I ended up leaving them scratching at the door. I felt a little guilty about that but I didn't know what else too do and they didn't look like they where going anywhere.

Later in the day Jeremy, the kids, our niece and I went out to the lake for some very cold SUPing. We went out there last New Year's Day so the kids wanted to do it again. I tried to explain that last year was a much warmer day than this year but they didn't think it would be that much colder. Lets just say that we all had fun but no one spent more than fifteen minutes on the boards. :)

I have five weeks and three days till my first of 13 half marathons this year! My breathing is a million times better than it has been over the last few weeks so I'm feeling nervous but optimistic. I bought two air purifiers and I think they have made a huge difference in my breathing, running and quality of life. I feel a little bit bad for Jeremy though. Now he has to put up with a humidifier and an airy purifier in the bedroom. I'm so high maintenance!

1) my new dream house that is for sale along my course (I have a dream house on all of my neighborhood routs)

2 & 3) the shirt I designed to wear any half marathons

4) after my run I took the kids to Noah's Beagles for some yumminess.

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Kristen said...

Nevyn is hiding! Cute t-shirt, that would be your two kids running after you, right?