Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New running expense: massage

Workout: Training run

2 mi on the treadmill

I've been dealing with foot pain for a long time now and have read study reports and articles on so many foot problems I can't keep them straight anymore (I guess I wouldn't last long as a researcher). A common treatment seems to be massage. But it wasn't until I listened to recent pop stuff pod cast on massage (one of the podcasts from howstuffworks.com) that I was interested enough to make an appointment.

I've had massages in the past and while I enjoy them it's not something I would splurge on. My husband on the other hand gets massages pretty regularly and sees the benefit of them in his back and arms. Maybe that's partly because the Swedish massage is enough to do him some good while I know it would take a deep tissue session to help me and it just doesn't seem worth the discomfort. But with all that said, thanks to Holly Frey at howstuffworks.com, I made an appointment and explained that I was looking for someone who could do a "sport-ish kind of massage for running injures". (I wasn't going to actually to ask deep tissue even though I knew that's what I probably needed.)

I went the Mellow Me Out Day Spa yesterday for my massage. My therapist, Dale, and I talked about what I wanted and my current foot and leg issues. It turns out about 40% of his clients are runners and when's I asked him questions he seemed to know his stuff. He warned me that it was going to be a little uncomfortable, as I expected, but he wanted me to know that my pain level should not get more than an eight, otherwise it could cause me injury. Basically, if in my head I'm thinking I want to kick him then things are good, if I say it out loud, that's a sign he needs to back off.

Yeah, it was an eight but later that night I noticed that I was walking normally, with full range of motion in my foot. It's been months since my foot has felt so good. Before I left the day spa I scheduled my next appointment for two weeks out. This is going to get a little pricey but if it'll allow me to run with less pain and discomfort than it's worth it.

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