Monday, January 23, 2012

Anna talks football - sort of

Sacramento is under water. We finally got rain and we're getting a lot of it. Today is very wet and gray. It seems appropriate since many of my fellow Sacramentites (?) are mourning the San Francisco 49ers' loss yesterday. You know, the game that sent the New York Giants to the Superbowl? Yeah, that one.

I'm not a big football fan. (It's not baseball after all.) I come from a 49er family and grew up hearing about Joe Montana, Jim Miller, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and later, Steve Young. It would make sense for me to be a 49ers fan.  It helps that I'm a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan and I love the city.

I could also easily be a New York Jets fan. I went to New York for the first time last September and I absolutely loved it there. I know, now your question is why the Jets and not the Giants, right? The answer comes back to family. My dad is a Jets fan. I don't really remember the story behind his choice in teams but I'm pretty sure it was a good one. Both my sister and I are "daddy's girls" so picking my dad's team would be something I would do.


A couple of years ago I decided to try to learn the game, choose a team and get into the football season. I thought it would be fun to not pick the Niners so that "my" team could go up against "my family's" team. At first I chose the Miami Dolphins. It seemed like an obvious choice for me. I love dolphins and the team colors (aqua and orange) are on my list of favorites. The trouble with this team started when I went through the roster to pick out a favorite player. I couldn't find one that met my requirements. So I was off to find a new team.

Requirements to be my favorite player:
1) Be one of the "better" players on the team
2) Be somewhat attractive

I settled on the Denver Broncos. I liked their mascot, colors and I found a favorite player, Matt Prater. I celebrated my new team and got a Broncos shirt and sweatshirt and even played Jeremy's NFL video games. Sadly that's about as far as I got with football that year. I think I watched one game early in the  season but my interest dwindled. 

I think I'll just with baseball and let my football interest start and end with Keanu and "The Replacements". Wait-what team was that???


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Jamie said...

I love you Anna!