Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Last night at the gym I tried out my new BYOB workout. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you should scroll down and read yesterday's post. For those of you in the loop, it was a success. I thought the workout went well after I was finished but when I woke up today I couldn't help but notice the signs of a great workout.

The three S's (SSS) of a great workout:
S #1) Stiffness - If you try to move a part of your body when you wake up the next day, and it doesn't move when you tell it to, you had a good workout
S #2) Soreness - If you have to use your arms to lower yourself on to the toilet seat because you legs hurt too much to take on your weight on their own, you had a good workout
S #3) Sleep - If you wake up when your alarm goes off and don't immediately hit the snooze because you're feeling good and rested, you had a good workout or you new sleep aid is working great

To be fair, not all of my soreness came from my inner Bob. I was already a little sore from trying a new yoga class on Monday and I was able to go to my favorite class yesterday. If you haven'y tried BodyPump I highly recommend it. Ever since my gym changed the time from 7:30 to 6:30 I haven't been able to go but, my wonderful, amazing and extraordinary husband offered to cover the last half hour of day care for me so I could make the class. It was so great to be in there again! By the time we had to do the last set of lifts my legs where shaking.

now taking bets on how long
it takes to look like her
After BodyPump I found a treadmill and got to work on my three miles. Inner Bob said to strive for small goals so instead of running three to five minutes at a time (like I used to do) I only ran for one minute at a time then walked for about 45 seconds. Every set I pushed up the speed a little bit and for the first time in a long time I felt a little bit of success on the treadmill. At one point I felt that 45 seconds wouldn't be enough time to recover. I think the real Bob would have acted like he didn't hear me and had me continue with the current splits. However, my inner Bob said it was okay to walk an extra minute but I would have to skip to a much faster pace for my minute run. So that's what I did. At about two and a half miles into the workout I started to feel really tired. It would have been very easy to stop there but inner Bob said "No, now you're going to do something you think is impossible. You're going to run your minute at 7.2. " Guess what? I did it. I mean, don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy and I was watching the clock the whole time but I did it. The last 20 seconds was the hardest but I made it through.

Today is a cross training day. I'm hopping to get in the pool with Jeremy. I love swimming with him. He's not just great company be he's also he's an excellent swim coach and teacher and if I'm going to do a triathlon this year I'm going to need his help. If he can't go with me tonight I'll work on the bike or stair climber. I really don't like swimming alone. I don't mean alone in the pool but alone as in without a buddy. It probably has something to do with how I feel about my body but, whatever the reason, I'm not ready to face it yet.

I hope you all find something that makes you happy and healthy today.

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Jamie said...

Yay Anna!!!
I'm glad you discovered your inner Bob.

I on the other hand have not been doing so well. I've discovered that my inner self gets really f'in mad at me when I do a mid-high impact workout with a messed up ankle. And it gets REALLY mad when I do said work out 2 days in a row.