Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BYOB: Be Your Own Bob

 One of the reasons I like going to classes at my gym is for the support and the "you can do this" attitude from the instructor and other participants in the class. Unfortunately my gym doesn't have many classes I can go to due to my work schedule. This means I'm left to my own devises during my workouts. For the most part I don't have a problem with that. My goals keep me going and the idea of being healthy and showing my  kids how to live a healthy lifestyle is enough to keep my motivation strong. Up until recently that is.

Last night I was on the treadmill (yuck, I know) before one of the few classes that I  can squeeze in after work (yoga). I had a decent warm up and then picked up the pace for a run and that's where I started having problems. I knew I could run longer than I did but as soon as it got even just a little uncomfortable, I would slow back down to a walk. Even though I was frustrated with myself, I couldn't seem to push myself to go farther. I would hear my inner voice say, "come on, hang on, keep going" but that voice seemed to be getting weaker and weaker and eventually it was a whisper and pretty easy to ignore.

I'm a little bit of social person and while I enjoy working out on my own, I think I would be improving at a better rate if I had someone with me to help keep me going. I have looked into some running groups around town. I think it would be a great way to meet new people (I'm in need of a friend that's here in town) and to be around better runners who will keep me motivated and encourage me when I need it. However, I have the same problem as I go with the classes at the gym. I work too much. Most groups meet a couple times a week and then again on the weekends for longer runs. That's perfect except I'm working when they're running (with the exception of the weekend runs).

I was thinking about my little issue today while working (duh) and I realized that I need to learn how to make that inner whisper grow back into a loud, confidant inner voice. (It's either that or get a personal trainer or running coach and I can't afford either.) Now I need to figure out what this inner voice needs to sound like. It can't sound like me because, let's face it, I'm a push-over. If you know me in real life than you knowThe Biggest Loser is the only TV show I actually watch every week so it would make sense to have my inner voice be a BL trainer. I'm a little bit of a Jillian (Michaels) groupie so I could use her voice in my head but she's a little bit on the scary side. It would be pretty sad if I scared  myself with the voice in my head. That's when it hit me. I need to be my own Bob. Bob Harper is not as scary but I would do my best to do what he says. He's no push-over like I am and doesn't sound like a drill sargent the way the Gorgeous Dolvett Quince does (yes, that's his name around my house. My goodess!!! Have you seen him??? Look up and to to right! YUM! Anyway....)

C'mon Bob, let' go for a run!

Tonight after work I will try out my first BYOB (Be Your Own Bob) workout. I'll report back. I really hope this helps. I will set myself up with a goal and Bob (my new inner voice) will hold me to it. Wish me luck!

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Jamie said...

YES! Very yummy indeed!