Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Ramblings

Last night I had a great workout. I was able to run three minutes at a time at an easy 11:06 pace. My legs were still sore from Tuesday night's body pump class so my first few strides of each set where a little awkward but I got my rhythm pretty quickly. I only had to push myself a few time toward the end of the workout to finish my three minutes. I went into the gym that night with the intention of an easy workout. I wasn't going to put any pressure on myself (like I have been since the beginning of the year) and everything seemed to fall right into place. Because it was an easy workout, I gave my inner Bob the night off so it was just me in my head last night  and I still was able to push through the tough spots. It's good to know I'm not a total push-over.

I let my mind wonder while I was on the dreaded treadmill. I listened to my ipod, glanced around at the different programs on the TV's in front of me and I people watched. I love people watching. I'm not sure what's so fun about people watching but the gym is a great place for it. There was one bustarific chick on one of the elliptical machines in front of me. She wore a purple sporty tank top that was a little too lose. If it were me, I would have worn a sports bra underneath. Let's just say she was flashing the gym a generous amount of side boob.

I'm a little on the nutty side (which is odd since I'm allergic to nuts) and when my mind is left to wonder freely I find myself thinking about some off-the-wall things. Not necessarily interesting things but random and out-of-no-where things. For example, there was some kind of U-Jam thing going on in the group X room so there was a bunch of girls coming out of the room wearing their dance clothes. Mostly baggy red pants and ripped T's with camis and sports bras underneath. I found myself wondering who decided that was the thing to wear? I've never gone to a U-Jam class but I'm pretty sure it's high intensity and a major calorie buster. So why would they wear those kinds of clothes? They look like the just jumped out of a music video from the 90's. But at least they look cute wearing it. I would look like a total and complete idiot. And I might be one, but I don't want to look like one. Of course, it's more likely that I just don't have a clue about what's cool.

That's when I look up at the TV showing Idol and realize that those are some people who truly don't have a clue. I was on a treadmill that didn't have an earphone hook up to the TV's so I couldn't hear any of the auditions but just by watching some of them I knew which ones were sent home. And what is with the gold shinny leggings??? Who does that look good on?

Oh, that reminded me...  I went to Chuck E Cheese with my kids over weekend (it was a birthday party, I would never just go there) and I saw more huge asses stuffed into leggings than I ever saw in the 80's. They should be called the cellulite highlighters. To make it worse, they have prints on them. Like a bright leopard print is going to do anyone any favors.

just picture my hair up
Now that I've gotten all judgmental on what other people are wearing I should tell you what I strut around in. On an average day I wear jeans and a T shirt. I wear a lot of race shirts and concert T's. Nothing fabulous but of course I spend my day as a walking snot rag for kids under the age of four. My hair is up most of the time in either a pony tail or a bun and it's almost always messy.  I don't wear make-up because my skin is too dry and sensitive and I rarely wear any jewelry (wait-does my marathon medal count as jewelry?). However, I do take take time to carefully pick out what sweatshirt I'm going to wear. See, I'm a mess just like everyone else. I can dish it out and I know I deserve the same (or more) right back.

This is what the inside of my head is like. Lots of random topics that get stuck together in one long thought. My husband is constantly asking what I'm talking about because I switch subjects so fast and seamless (maybe he said senseless) he has a hard time keeping up.    


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