Friday, February 10, 2012

Look, I remolded my blog :o)

Did you notice that my blog looks different today? It was getting too busy with all of my color choices and started to look like myspace. I hope it looks better to you too.

Happy Friday! I love Fridays like this. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the kids are sleeping. My sister and I put together a plan for a sister weekend in September so I have that to look forward to and I got to text a little bit with my paddleboarding guru friend who recently up and left me for So Cal. It's been a nice day.

Weekend plans? Do you have any? I'm planning on running about eight miles in the morning before my body pump class at 10:00. After lunch my niece will me hanging out with us and hopefully I wont be too worn out to work in the yard a little. My front and back yards are disastrous! I really want to start reading in the sun during nap time again so I've got get it nice enough for me to want to go out there.

I'm trying to keep my motivation up and continue on my weight lose journey. I haven't kept really good track of my gain and loses recently. Mostly because if I don't weight in often enough I miss seeing the losses before the gains come back. I get so frustrated. I eat well but sometimes I just don't move enough.

Sami's doing well on her broken foot. Her ankle is stiff and the itching drives her crazy but she's getting through it and so are the rest of us. She has discovered that she can't wear her skinny jeans, Jeremy's pretty happy about that. It takes her a lot longer to get ready in the morning-I didn't think that was possible, and she really doesn't like sponge baths. One week down, four to go.

The week after next the kids are off from school (president's day has turned into president's week) and Jeremy and I both took the week off too. I really want to spend a day at the beach but that might not be a good idea. I can only imagine how it would feel to have sand stuck in a cast. We'll find something fun for us to do on our vacation. Jeremy, the kids and our neighbor's son plan on spending one day watching all of the Star Wars movies in order. I'll pass, thanks. Maybe that's the day I should go to the beach, hummm. (Just kidding, Jeremy)

I registered for another 5K last night. This one is The Giant Race in San Francisco. The finish line is actually in the ball park on the field. I wasn't suppose to be able to register for this one until next week, yesterday was for past participants to register. However, the race directors posted the promo code on facebook so I tried it and it got me on to the registration page. One of the questions was "did you participate in this event last year?" I checked the "no" box and got ready for it to kick me off the page but it didn't. I felt so special! I'm super excited about this race and my sister is going to go with me. We are turning it into a sister weekend. It'll be the first time we have ever gone out of town, just the two of us (other than visiting family). It's going to be great!

More good news: Jeremy and I are getting a refund this year! It's the first time since I opened my business that we'll be getting one. I don't know if I'm more excited about getting money back or about not owing. We're not going to be too extravagant. We're sticking a chunk into savings. We'll have to pay for Jeremy's school in a few months so the timing is awesome. We're going to get Jeremy a new computer, a new mattress for us and, the most exciting thing of all, we both are going to get paddleboards!!!!! Every time I think about it I feel like I'm floating! I wish we could afford to get two more boards so the kids can paddle too but it's a great start.

So, enough about me. How's your Friday going?


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