Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Selfish List of 10

Today's blog is a list. I list of all the things I'm "saving up" for.
They are numbered but there really isn't any order to this dream list. 


The America River Parkway parking pass. My family and I love to spend time on, near and in the river. I also love to run on the bike trail so a parking pass would save us money in the long run.


This parking pass is good for Cali state parks! We don't go to state parks very often but I think having the parking pass would be an extra intensive to go.  


This is the Mahina by Boga and I really like this board! I feel pretty sturdy on it without being too sturdy. I LOVE SUP!


This woul be necessarily for my board. 

I really need to get a bike. It would be so much fun to go on bike rides with the kids. Also, having a bike would make it so much easier to do triathlons.


A sweatsuit would also come in handy for triathlons. I would use it during the winter for paddleboarding too. It's been a pretty sunny winter but the water is still cold-brrr. 


 I saw this the other night at the gym and kind of fell in love with it. I do need to get a new day pack for hiking and this one has all the right pockets in all the right places. (I have a thing for pockets)  


I totally need this for all of my medals (currently 3) and the ones I'll continue to earn. 


At first I was going to add a double jogger to this list but since I'm dreaming, I may as well make it a tripple. Beside, it's more likely to have three day care kids once in a while than two. (I normally have five.)


A Hawaiian vacation. Need I say more?

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