Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isn't it Tomorrow Yet?

I'm grumpy today. I woke up this morning and even though I felt fine and was relativity cheerful, something just felt...off. Ever have a day like that? I'm sure most people over the age of ten have. As the day has gone on, I've gotten into more of a grumpy mood. I'm thinking the rain has something to with it even though I know we need it (this has been on of the driest Sacramento winters I can remember).

All the things that would normally be a minor annoyance are driving me crazy. Almost all of my day care kids came in with some congestion, runny noses and coughs. No big deal, right? Not the case today. The constant coughing is driving me frick'n crazy! My skin is not as dry as it is on most days but it too is bothering me more than normal. Then I found out that my paddleboarding guru has moved back to Laguna. I'm so sad (but happy for her because I know she was really missing living on the coast. I'd move too if I could). And to top it all off, my foot really hurts (whine, whine, whine, I really need some wine) I hate days like this. All I want to do is go to bed so I can start fresh tomorrow.

In an effort to look past my gloominess I'm going to blog about some things that came in the mail over the last few days that has made me very happy. Here we go!

Note: While they are numbered, they are not in any special order. I just like to number things.


I've had my bodybugg for a long time now but I recently it got back up and working again. I had bought a new clip for the back of the display when I paid for the new subscription but somehow it broke. They sent me a new one for free and it finally came.


Okay, this did not come in the mail but it was a little surprise. Jeremy had to go to the store for something (I have no idea what it was now) and he picked this up for me for my race last Sunday. I always have a fresh pack of Life Savers for race day.


Isn't it so awesome!!! This, my friends, is my very first piece of paddleboarding equipment! It's a nine foot leash. I got it for free when I subscribed to a magazine I was going to start getting anyway. I'm so glad I forgot to sign up for it a few days before like I had intended to before life distracted me. Otherwise this little baby would be in someone else's hands instead of in my room waiting for me to get a paddleboard.  

Well, I guess that's it. I've been waiting for hours to post this. I'm pretty sure my new issue of Runner's World will come in the mail today but it's almost 4:30 in the afternoon and the mail hasn't come yet. Oh well. I hope you all have had a better Tuesday than I have. 

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Anna said...

I just have to add that it's now 6:38-ish and the mail still has not come. I really wanted my new magazine today :o(