Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready for Super Bowl weekend?

Today is a beautiful Friday! I hope this weather sticks around for the weekend. Unless you live under a rock you know that this isn't just any weekend. It's Super Bowl Weekend! This doesn't mean much to me or my family. None of us are huge football fans but I am excited about Sunday. I'll be running the Super Bowl Sunday 10K this year. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. 

I am a runner so naturally I have bad knees and feet. I have a tracking issue with my knee caps that cause me a great deal of pain when it flairs up and I have tendinitis in my feet. Most of the time I'm fine but when I get a flair up it can be ugly.The tendinitis in my right foot has been bothering me since I ran the Lou Gehrig 5K last month. I've had to keep my mileage lower than I wanted in preparation for Sunday's race but I'm still experiencing some foot pain. Bummer. 

Saturday is free museum day so I'm hoping to take my kids downtown to the Crocker art museum after my body pump class. A friend of mine has an exhibit there on display. She and her class formed a walkway of colored string. I can't describe in a way that would want you to go but if you are in the Sacramento are on Saturday you can check it out for free. I'm really looking forward to it!

After the museum I need to drive out to Carmichael to pick up my race packet for Sunday's 10K. I'm hoping to also go see my dad since I'll be out in his area. Maybe while we're in Carmichael the kids and I will go spend some time by the River. We loving going to Ancil Hoffman Park. I think it might be our favorite river access. Jeremy and I used to go there a lot way back when we were dating. He even proposed to me there. 

I mentioned before how the weather is so nice today. I wish I wasn't working and the kids weren't in school. Today is the perfect day for a bike ride or a run through the neighborhood. Not to mention out on the lake on a paddleboard. There are so many things I would rather be doing right now. It reminds me of those beautiful spring days my senior year in high school. It's nice out, your almost done with school but stuck inside a classroom. TORTURE!

I would love to take the day care to the park this afternoon but I'm not sure if we're going to be able to get there. One of my kids is being picked up by her grandfather today but no one knows what time he'll be here. Normally I just leave a note on the door when we go to the park or for a walk but this grandfather doesn't know the neighborhood and we would have to bring all of her stuff with us in case he came while we were there. (She's staying the weekend with that park of her family.) I think it would be best if we just stay put. 

Jeremy has agreed to cover the last half hour of day care for me tonight so I can make it to a body pump class. I don't usually go to the Friday class but my race will prevent me from going to the Sunday class and I really want to fit three classes in a week. (My workout weeks run Monday through Sunday.) I'm pretty excited about it. Starting next week I will be adding some weight to my routine. I love that I'm getting stronger. Hopefully I'll fit in a little run tonight too. Not too long though. I want to rest my foot as much as possible before Sunday.

Well, that's my Friday and weekend plans. I hope you all have a great Super Bowl weekend! 

P.S. Please say a little prayer for my foot. I'd really appreciate it. 

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Rebecca said...

I plan on taking the kids to the museum tomorrow too. We should plan on meeting there. The kids will have a blast. Praying for your foot. And good luck on your race,