Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Peek into My Wednesday Morning

So far, today is much better than yesterday. It's a nice sunny day, I'm not gloom or grumpy and the kids and I got out for a little walk. That't a pretty good start, I think. Here's a little bit of my view today.  

 This is what I saw from my front yard when I
 unlocked the door at 6:30 for my day care families

 Nevyn, time to wake up! 

 Sami was yawning when I took this. Oops, sorry Sam.

 Samantha painted this a couple of weekends ago
and I hung it up in the living room where
I can admire it when I drink my morning coffee.

 Nevyn painted this the same day. I love the colors in it.
This is also in the living room so I can enjoy it all day long.

 Sadie was asleep on the couch but she heard the kids 
getting their breakfast. She's listening for the bread drawer to open.
If no one opens it then there's no point in get up yet.

 The view from my back yard.The sun is starting to wake up!

It's about 7:00 now so it's time to make the kids' lunches.
I make their lunch everyday. There's no way my kids 
are eating the greasy, processed "food" the school serves. 
CA has a long way to go in that regard. Hi Sadie's tail!  

It's now 8:30 and I have three day care kids eating breakfast
so I'll have something to eat to. I love oat meal!

 My front yard is a disaster. I'm reminded how bad it is 
every time the kids and I get back from a walk. 
I think this needs to be my weekend project. 

I love trees but this on in my front yard really needs a trim. 
Anyone wanna come over and help me with that?
I don't think I should be allowed to use a chainsaw.
But it looks like fun.

Hey look, there's my tree again. It's a beautiful day today!

These pictures only go to about noon but that's because I blog during the kids' 
nap time. However, I think the rest of the day is going to be just as nice as the morning. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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