Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

There are things I really like about Valentine's Day. I like all the pink, red and white hearts and polka-a-dots everywhere. I love greeting cards no matter the occasion and some of them are pretty funny. I love those sweetheart candies and I'm never against flowers and gifts. However, I don't want to feel like I have to get Jeremy a gift, I do it because I truly care and love him. I never expect him to get me something because I don't want him to feel like has to. I don't think either of us are interested on receiving some little corny decoration just because it's Valentine's Day. I would rather 1) get Jeremy something he truly would like to get or 2) just take the time to find a sweet card.

Earlier in our marriage we would go out to dinner on Valentine's Day but, to be honest, I would rather stay home and just spend some time together. Maybe order a pizza and watch movies or friends reruns. We show each other how much we care all the time. Today is a day is for young couples. A chance to act like it's your anniversary before you're even had one yet. We've had twelve anniversaries and they have all been better than any Valentine's Day.

When I was a kid I loved Valentine's Day. Going to the store to pick out what kind of cards I was going to pass out in class was a big to-do. Then the day before "the day" we would get class time to decorate the little paper bags the teacher handed out to collect all of our cards and candy in. Back then we were allowed to bring home baked goodies to pass out too. Now the kids have to bring goodies that are packaged from the store so the teachers can inspect the label for the kids who have allergies.

My kids aren't as into Valentine's Day as I was. Of course school isn't as much fun as it was when I was kid either. Sami's class got their party taken away because of their behavior yesterday. I doubt this bothered the kids much. They are used to getting the extras taken away. They've missed pizza parties and more recces than I can count. Sami's not one of "those kids" but she's in the class so her fun stuff gets canceled too. She thinks it's more annoying than anything else.      

Nevyn, being a boy, doesn't care about Valentine's at all. All he's looking forward to is the candy. The box of cards we got this year was full of those mini nerds boxes with little valentine cards to go with them. He didn't even open the package. He has no intention of handing out the cards. He said it's a wast of time since everyone just wants the candy anyway. He's probably right but it would have been nice to at least see what they look like.

From Jeremy to me
From me to Jeremy

When Jeremy gets home from work today we're going to exchange gifts. I'm pretty excited. I know he's going to like what I got him and what he got me is in a huge box and all he said was that I was going to love it. If you know Jeremy, then you know that can mean a few different things but I'm getting my hopes up for something similar to what was on my wish list list from a few blogs ago. I can't tell you what his gift is yet because he'll read this before he gets home. But take my word for it, he'll be happy.

I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day. If you have someone to share it with, that's nice. If not, that's okay too.  It's just another day only with a lot more candy on sale. If you happen to be in a store selling them, pick me up a box of sweethearts, okay? Thanks!